Castle Age Hack

Castle Age Hack
Get Free Castle Age Favor Points by following our Guide!

On CastleAgeHack we are going to explain how to get Castle Age Favor Points for Free using our Castle Age Hack Tool. In order to get the Castle Age Cheat Tool follow the Step by Step Tutorial below. The Castle Age Hack works for both Facebook and iOS which includes iPad, iPhone and iPod. To use the Castle Age Hack you don't need to have a jailbreak or root for your phone, all you need is your PC or MAC.

By using this Castle Age Hack Tool you are able to add unlimited favor points to your account and recover your energy and stamina instantly and build up the strongest army without investing a lot of money.

Castle Age Hack Tool Download Tutorial

Step 1.) Download the Castle Age Hack by clicking the Download Button below.
download hack for free

clean safe downloadIf you are afraid of Viruses simply press the Virustotal-Logo after downloading the File and upload in on virustotal. You will see that our Castle Age Hack is 100% clean and is safe to use.

Step 2.) We are only offering 2000 Downloads for our Castle Age Hack. When you click the download button all you have to do is fill out a simple survey to unlock your download. This helps to limit the download count.

Step 3.) Save the Castle Age Hack Tool to your Desktop and open it. It should look like this once you have opened it up:

castle age hack

Check out these Awesome Features for the Castle Age Hack:
- Enable Speedhack to recover Energy/Stamina/Health faster!
- Unlimited Favor Points for Free
Add all the available In-App Purchases as often as you want:
- Add Custom amount of Favor Points unlimited times!

Step 4.) Plug your Phone into your Computer and wait a few seconds, then select iOS, if you are on Facebook simply open up the Castle Age App on Facebook and press "Connect". (Supports all Browsers - If you can't connect please try firefox/internet explorer/chrome/safari)

Step 5.) Select the In-App Purchases and other Features you need, then press the "Apply Changes"-Button and restart your Phone/Browser. If you want to get more stuff simply restart the tool and use it again.

Step 6.) After you followed all the Steps you should have added the wanted In-App Purchases to your account. If you had any trouble using the tool or if there is something else that didn't work please download this PDF file which contains a troubleshoot guide in order to fix your issue!
download troubleshoot guide